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Become a Walker Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the Walker Art Center. When you donate your time and talents to the Walker, you’re not only making an important contribution to the arts community but also learning new skills and making new friends in the arts.

To become a volunteer, your first step is to join us for an orientation in the Walker Cinema. Attending an orientation is mandatory for all volunteers, and we assure you that it will be worth your time.

Volunteer Spotlight Tatyana Nelima

By Volunteer Coordinator


Crystal Meisinger

Tell us about your volunteer journey at the Walker. Where did you begin? What do you do now?


Tatyana Nelima

In 2015, I started volunteering for Free First Saturday, then I became an intern which allowed me to be more hands on with working with artists. I have also volunteered for RTG for the last two years.



What have you learned during your Family Programming Internship?



I have learned to be open to new situations thanks to my experience working with artists and new creative practices. Some artists who work with Family Programs aren’t necessarily artists by trade. They are educators, museum workers and activists to name a few. They also aren’t working in traditional materials; instead they are using recycled objects and working with them behind the scenes I have come to understand that artists and art come in so many different forms. I also didn’t realize so much went into the presentation of art until I started volunteering at Walker.



Why do you volunteer?



I have volunteered at summer camp helping with the arts and crafts and kids’ activities, but the summer commitment eventually became too much for me.  I came into contact with the Walker volunteer program online when I searched for volunteer opportunities. I attended an orientation and learned that it could be a flexible opportunity, and that was really important to me.



What activities do you most enjoy in your day to day?



I currently am an intern at Boston Scientific in the IT Department. I love computer engineering, science coding and robotics. I also love art activities and have participated in arts programs at Intermedia and Juxta.



What do you aspire to do in the future?



I am on my way to Mankato University this year. I will live in the dorms as a freshman. I have friends going there as well and the campus is beautiful with pretty landscaping so I am excited. I plan to go to Law School in the future and focus on human rights as a lawyer.





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