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WACTAC Makes a Zine

By olliewollerman


front-cover-copyFront Cover of Awkwardness is a Feeling

For the past few weeks, WACTAC has been working on a zine, for those who don’t know, a zine is an abbreviation for magazine or “fanzine”, a self published magazine that is made to be sent around and shared. We will be sending off the zine to other teen councils at different museums around the country and overseas. This project will spread the word about what is going on at the Walker, and possibly spur further interaction with other teen councils.

Zines have been around for a while, and over time, have gained popularity among many different types of artists. Zines differ from other magazines because they are self published; they allow very down to earth and grounded ideas, coming straight from the artist, because there is no publisher involved. Zines have been used as a platform for many social justice movements and music scenes. Many publications have been self produced and circulated for a low cost, making them a quick and effective way to distribute ideas.

Over the years, zines have been used for various social justice movements and by marginalized groups, for example Kaleidoscope Magazine is a zine run by queer youth that shares art, stories, and ideas by youth to the queer community. Many zines like this provide a niche for people who may not be represented in mainstream magazines. In this way, zines are able to create many small communities around their content.

back coverBack Cover

Upon being told the ideas about creating some sort of publication to share with other teen councils, we were given the choice of making something more similar to a book, or to create a zine. Through some discussion we decided to make a zine; it made communication and sharing a lot more casual, and it made the communication more widespread than a book. Zines have a unique DIY-aesthetic which helps to retain its overall casual, genuine nature. Through the zine, we wanted to be able to spark some interaction between us and other teen councils at other museums to share ideas, and introduce ourselves to other teen councils.

In order to add structure to our pages, each of us was provided with several prompts. We were given one page to follow a structure, and another page to do whatever we wanted with. For the structured page, we had to include the following: favorite music, food, people who inspire us, art we connect with, wishes for our future, and favorite places. As long as it included these topics, we could do whatever we wanted with the pages. Everyone approached this in a different way, and everyone’s pages included a lot of variety. After producing the zine, we mailed it off to other teen councils, which we hope will spur some interaction between WACTAC and other councils.

WACTAC wants to know your interests and see what other collectives are up to! Collaborate with your peers about who you are and what you do, then send it to us and everywhere! Hit us up at

OR mail us your zine(s):

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