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Art or Fart?

By awamally

During Art Basel miami beach, Andre 3000 and SCAD put together an exhibit at mana Miami. Titled “I Feel Ya: SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and Andre 3000 Benjamin” presented by SCAD Art Museum. A collection featuring Andres 47 jumpsuits which he wore throughout the Outcasts 20th reunion tour. The exhibit was accompanied by “Trumpets,” created by filmmaker Greg Brunkalla and painter Jimmy O’Neal. The purpose of ‘I Feel Ya’ is to get people thinking about random phrases, while building a connection between art, fashion, and film. The jumpsuits are a direct way for Andre to share his thoughts. Since he doesn’t have any social networks, his music is the only way fans can connect with him.
“A response to today’s content-heavy digital landscape, which provides an unrelenting flood of images and opinions—i feel ya engages viewers as vital participants in a socially dynamic conversation”


The idea came about during the start of the OutKast 10-year Reunion tour. Andre felt weird performing songs he wrote in his very early years to fans at his current age. Andre is 43 and most of his songs he wrote around the age of 18. He wanted to give the fans new ideas in the midst of old stuff. The all black, fitted jumpsuits were originally all white and baggy. He wore the jumpsuits at every show with a different message in bold white letters displayed on his chest. Much like how some social networks limit the amount of text per post, Andre limited his messages to the size of his chest.

Andre 3000, Paule Wallace, Jimmy O’Neal and Greg Brunkalla

Andre collaborated with his partners at SCAD. Though he never went to SCAD, he’s always played an important role in their Collaborative Learning Center with students and other partners. Here you can watch the three of them in a panel discussion about ‘I Feel Ya’. The film “Trumpets” directed by Greg Brunkalla uses the slogans from the jumpsuits to create a socially dynamic conversation. Three images are randomly projected on a screen during each screening of the film. The effect of putting the jumpsuits on different people, of age, size and color can cause the audience to relate to the person, or slogan, spark conversation or create a story using the three slogans. Jimmy O’Neal also added a chalkboard where people can make up their own slogans. Nice huh.
The messages range from being silly like “art or fart” to serious like “across culture darker people suffer most. why?” I find many of these to be relevant, relatable and mind opening. Im not sure what the reasoning was or who these quotes were addressed to but when reading, I feel as if some were addressed to the younger audience, and people of higher power. A few of my favorites are “teachers deserve more,” which I find to be very truthful, teachers have tough jobs and play key role in the development of our youth and I too believe that they deserve more. Another one that I was very happy to read “fruit snack addict,” gave me the idea that though I don’t know much about Andre, we are similiar people, any fellow member of the Fruit Snack Appreciation Society has a special place in my heart and obviously has great taste. Last but definitely not least, my favorite one, “thinking deeply about shallow shit,” this honestly had me dying of laughter, this text could not describe some of todays internet-society more than this. The slogans are worth reading and the simple design of the jumpsuits really brings it together. I would continue to share my favorites but that would take forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?

The exhibit will be open again in summer 2015 at SCAD Museum of Art.

Images courtesy of SCAD Museum of Art

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