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WACTAC Meeting 2/12/15

By Calvin Hafermann

This past week, we once again met with artists Chrys Carroll and Nicole Smith known together as Dig In, who we have been working and meeting with for the past couple of months.  At this particular meeting, we glazed clay bowls we had created, based off of the begging bowls used by Buddhist monks.  For Buddhist monks, these bowls are receptacles for community donations of food that provides the monks daily sustenance.  For us, the bowls were meant more to represent how we will take care of ourselves and do what makes us happy, what Chrys and Nicole referred to as “filling” and “feeding” ourselves.

photo 3

We had also created small leather journals/sketchbooks with Chrys and Nicole at a past meeting.  As a companion exercise to the begging bowls, we took some time in the meeting to write in the journals what we will do to “host” (or take care of) ourselves.  Overall, the meeting and begging bowl projected provided not only visual and artistic stimulation, but also a chance to think about self care.

photo 5

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