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Museum Mixtape #5

By ingridtoppjohnson


IMG_1134Museum Mixtape is back with a vengeance! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Museum Mixtape pairs a piece of art in the Walker’s collection, or one being exhibited there, with a piece of complementary music. In this edition, the art in question is the Cowles Conservatory located in the Walker’s Sculpture Garden.

Since the conservatory is larger than much of the art surveyed in Museum Mixtape, it will be paired with three songs rather than one.

The conservatory is a place for contemplation and escape. In the summer, the glass walls, imaginative plantings, and the giant fish sculpture provide a more whimsical continuation of the world outside. In the winter, it provides shelter and solace from the harsh and desolate cold. These three songs are meant to channel the sense of escapism and contemplation the conservatory is a shelter for. The conservatory is a timeless location that can be used to digest what you have seen in the museum.

The first song, Future Reflections by MGMTIMG_1142, was chosen because of both its thematic relation to the ageless and ephemeral elements of the conservatory, and the sense of triumph that can be found by walking down the brick path, into the warmth, on a cold winter day.

The second song is Miami Vice Theme by Jan Hammer, builds off that sense of warm triumph. This track moves the listener deeper, into a land of grandiose contemplation. The lack of vocals allow one to focus more on the other senses: the smell of green plants, the light refracting off the fish sculpture, the ever-increasing humidity.

The third song, I Only Have Eyes For You by the Flamingos, leads from the refreshing contemplation of the previous song to almost obsessive reflection. The conservatory becomes a private world for the mind to roam. The ethereal quality of the humid air allows for deep personal contemplation.















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