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Body Cartography: Only Dancing

By chloefouilloux

Body Cartography, Super Nature

Soft moans and  ligaments torment,

 colors block

and  dissipate.

Entrails thumbed with too much pressure,

 we hope that these animals are only dancing.


Long ropes remember time—

rise and set like constellations,

the earth rotates, the sky revolves.


Beneath the stars it’s easy to revert to origins


Separated enough to avoid conviction but close enough

to recognize the coldness of rape

to take in a cumulative breath

And hope that these animals are only dancing.


Caging the monster

releasing the genius


bodies fitting together 

and shadows dancing;

In this kingdom

sometimes it’s easier to concentrate 

on the magnified outlines

because consciousness has paved a pathway

to let us believe that these animals are only dancing.


After seeing the Super Nature performance from the Body Cartography Project I was enticed by the idea of responding to the very controversial and anvant-garde performance.

Thanks for reading, for more information about the Body Cartography project check out .




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