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TCYMN Annual Youth Film Summit! FOOD AND PRIZES

By Sophia Reed

This is not the recent poster, ya'll

Each year TCYMN partners with MTN, SPNN, IFP and many other media organizations throughout the Twin Cities to put on an all day film making event. It’s on May 12th, beginning around 9am.

You know those “24hour film festivals” where you write, film, edit and screen a movie in 24 hours? Well, it’s kinda like that. Just way less pressure and more fun… and food will be provided.

There is also a Radio element this year, and that’s going to be very very cool.

If you’re interested in challenging your filmmaking abilities, apply for the event HERE. YEPP. JUST CLICK HEEEERRREEE. You can apply with your friends and be in a group with them! What a fun Saturday afternoon.

There are props to use in your film, and there will be PRIZES for completed films in the categories. It’s gonna be pretty sweet, and you’ll be kinda pissed if you miss it… at least, i would be.


(thats the poster from last year. the new one is at the printers ;D)


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