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By zethao



Everyday on my way to school I pass by the JUXTAPOSITION Arts Center. It’s a beautiful sight to see compared to the recent tornado damage that hit north Minneapolis. My school and the Walker Art Center have been supporting partners of this organization for many years now and I am proud to be affiliated with the site in more than one way.

Just as the art center is titled, there are many juxtapositions on the north side of Minneapolis. Although known infamously as the part of the city with the most crime, the north side also offers some of the brightest, up and rising artists/talents in the local region. My school is a perfect example of this matter. Going on the JUXTAPOSITION website and taking a virtual tour, I recognize the majority of the artists as my classmates and friends. Knowing that so many young members in the community are taking a stand about what is happening around them is reassurance that this community has a great future of the arts and culture.

I recommend taking a stroll by the art center sometime or visting some of their upcoming events and also supporting local artists with a cause. Also, the next time you hear something about the north side, check your sources.  There are great things happening on the north side as well as all around the cities. You’ll never understand the beauty that others see until you experience it for yourself.

Learn more about JUXTAPOSTION at:


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