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WACTAC Pitches a Tent

By Witt Siasoco


Over the past months WACTAC has been talking about the ways that people make art together and interact socially in public space. To further the discussion, I invited artist Peter Haakon Thompson to meet WACTAC and present his work. Honestly there isn’t an artist that fits the bill as perfect as Peter. His resume includes curator of the 55408 exhibition at Intermedia Arts, a totally inclusive showcase (all artists that submit are invited to exhibit their work) of artists that live and work in the 55408 zip code; The “A” Project, a series of signage and sculpture that increases arts awareness; the Art Shanty Projects, a yearly community of over 30 artists who create social engaging structures on the frozen Medicine Lake.

When I first approached him, Peter mentioned his newest work, a tent that requires a group to pitch it and have a discussion inside. Needless to say, we had a great time chatting with Peter about his projects and hanging out in tent. The conversation will hopefully lead to a project or series of events that will be presented next summer. Check out the photos below.

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