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Politics As Usual

By Nakami

Rumor has it that grammy award winning rapper Jay-Z will be running for mayor of New York in 2009. Although some may roll their eyes at the 38 year old rapper who was apparently inspired by president-elect Barack Obama, I wouldn’t be so quick to pass judgement. As a New York native, Jay-Z teamed up with current Mayor Bloomberg and created a program this past summer called “Summer Streets” to keep young people active. Although this may be a bit of a stretch for the rapper, the idea doesn’t seem out of the question for me. Jay Z has articulated his intellegence over the years as a rapper, producer and founded or “Roc- A -Fella” Recording Company. 

Anyway, the whole rumor made me think of one of his tracks off of his 1996 Album “Reasonable Doubt”. It’s called, “Politics as Usual” … Will his street smarts land him a spot as the mayor of New York?  Only time will tell….


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