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Call Volunteers for a RNC Artist Project

By Witt Siasoco


There are a ton of art related projects/protests scheduled for the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul on September 1st through the 4th. A bunch of activities are being planned at

One project is being organized by artist Sharon Hayes. Hayes is asking for 100 volunteer performers to recite (as a chorus) a 10–15 minute text about love, politics, gay power, and gay liberation (written by Hayes) over a period of approximately two hours. The performance will take place in a public space in proximity to the Convention.

If you are interested, submit the following information by email to

1. Contact information: Phone (home/cell) & e-mail address

2. Do you have any additional resources that you would like to bring to the project?

3. Are you affiliated with any organizations that would be interested in spreading the


4. Do you have any technical or stage management skills?

For more information about the project, click here.

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