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I love it when old people…

By Marina


are befuddled by new fashions. That whole uproar over sagging pants totally lost me. I just saw boys growing their hair out, riding skateboards, sagging, and starting to look fine. It just seemed like another indicator of adolescent rebellion, not an indicator of the health of the stock market, as The New York Times Bill Cunningham (known for those street style spreads that embarrass people wearing the same thing) postulates. (If thats true Bill, why did the trend start in the prosperous 90s?)

Check out the clip, and revel in the feeling of cool when you think, this guy just doesn’t get it. Plus, you can pick up on some pretty fly fashions at the same time (two belts? glittery goth/street belts? boxer briefs?)

Click here for the video.

P.S. His over pronunciation of graffiti is an especially nice touch.

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