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By Emmanuel


WACTAC is looking forward to our 3 day Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson love fest in May:

Aside from their artist talk at the Walker on May 1st, Chris and Jo will be presenting CONCLUSIONS ON BOUNDARIES, an art exhibition featuring their painting, sculpture, found materials and video at ART OF THIS gallery in Minneapolis. The exhibition opens MAY thizz-erd at 7pm and runs until June 1st!

To hype up the exhibition the WALKER ART ROBOT will be screening the documentary “BEAUTIFUL LOSERS” on May 2nd – two showings: 7pm and 9pm. Since we’re real cool here on WACTAC we spent a whole meeting sticking it to the man and reserving tickets for high school students, so make sure to bring your student I.D. since the rest of the tickets might be sold out AND you get a discount! Purchase advance tickets here.

Here’s a trailer that I guarantee will make you go bananas:


If you don’t know about BEAUTIFUL LOSERS, look no further than first flute at the next school assembly…

But honestly, lifted straight from my paps Big Walker:

Beautiful Losers is a documentary film celebrating a loose-knit group of American artists–Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, Margaret Kilgallen, Barry McGee, Mike Mills, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Thomas Campbell, Harmony Korine, Stephen Powers, and Geoff McFetridge–who emerged from the 1990s underground youth subcultures of skateboarding, graffiti, punk rock, and hip-hop. The film tells the story of these independent-minded individuals, each with a passion for making and a DIY sensibility, and the incredible impact they had on the worlds of art, design, fashion, music, film, and pop culture. 2008, U.S., 35mm, 91 minutes

SO to recap the 3 day Chris and Jo Love Fest:

Thursday, May 1st, 7 PM: Chris Johanson & Jo Jackson Artist Talk at the Walker

Friday, May 2nd, 7 & 9 PM: Beautiful Losers Film Screening at the Walker

Saturday, May 3rd: Chris Johanson & Jo Jackson Exhibition at Art of This

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