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Twenty Under Twenty

By Witt Siasoco




Are you sick of the only bonuses of your teenage years being driving, R-Rated admissions and legalized lung-cancer? Well, we have the solution. 20 Under 20′ is a competition for artists, filmmakers, dancers, graffiti writers, spoken word poets, musicians etc. Over 100 selected artists representing a variety of media will compete in two showcases at the Northern Warehouse in Lowertown Saint Paul on Saturday, May 10 and the Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art in on Saturday, May 17.

At these two showcases, a panel of celebrity judges and the audience will select the top 20 artists to be featured in a final showcase at the Walker Art Center on Thursday, June 12 at 7 PM.

So if you are into it, submit your work. Think of it as a chance to show the world you’re more than a shopping demographic. Think of it as a party. Think of it as a great extra curricular’ application filler. 20 under 20 is brought to you be the Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council, creators of Hot Art Injection and Below the Belt: Battle of the Underage. So you know it won’t be too corny.

Submit your artwork by sending your name, phone number, email address, and a link to your Myspace page, Youtube, JPEG file, etc. to by Monday April 14th. Participants must be 19 years or younger on Monday, April 14.

Check out for updated information about 20 under 20. If you have any questions or want further information please email or call 612-375-7683.

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