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By Emmanuel

I know what you’re saying to yourself… community center, psssh. Well, I would like to challenge that notion. Hope Community offers some really good, and I mean REAAAALLY GOOD classes to youth, and those who take them then have a life crises when they realize that community centers can be a good thing. HOPE is offering quite a few this March, and I’m going to give you all the info.


Articulating Our Voices Now is a FREE Class offered to young women [ages 16-22] at Hope Community Center. The class will focus on the artistic and creative expression of women, especially those in our community. We will listen to music, write poetry/spoken word, dance, take photographs, freestyle, tell our stories and learn to channel our visions in a variety of ways. We will also work with guest artists [poets, dancers, spoken word artists, writers, musicians] from the Twin Cities. No artistic experience is necessary! All you need is the energy, ideas, and interest to join this class! ENROLL TODAY!

Where: Hope Community Center, Franklin and Portland Ave.

When: Thursdays 5:30-7:30 pm, March 13th-May 22nd

Cost: FREE!

Call (612) 435-1683 to enroll. There are only 20 spots available!


There is also the ART of MCing. Learn how to improve you songwriting, master different styles and improve your live performances. Ages 16-19. They also provide studio time, for those of you who know how expensive this can be, you know the value.

Spring Session:Feb 19- May 2nd, Summer session June 16-Aug 14th

For more info call Brandon Bagaason (Big Quarters)



Last but not least HOPE also offers a MURAL program with MPLS graffiti legend Chaka M’kali. The class is entitled “Power of Vision” and goes from April 7th to June 11th, MON + WED 4:30-6:30, at 2101 Portland Ave. for more info on this class call 612-435-1677.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of these great opportunities!

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