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Centerpoints: Brave Thinkers, Life of Brian, Huyghe’s hermit crab

Today we’ve got a look at The Atlantic’s annual “Brave Thinkers” list (Ai Weiwei makes the cut), Pierre Huyghe’s hermit crab detained by customs, a check-in with Monty Python, and more.

The Atlantic‘s annual “Brave Thinkers” list — a “guide to the people risking their reputations, fortunes and lives in pursuit of big ideas” — this year includes several cultural figures, including Chinese artist/dissident Ai Weiwei, filmmaker Terrence Malick and Mad Men creator Matt Weiner. The top two vote-getters among readers: Steve Jobs and Barack Obama.

• When Monty Python made The Life of Brian, an irreverent story of a guy name Brian who was born next door to Jesus and mistaken for the Messiah, religion was “on the back-burner,” says company member Terry Jones. But since 1979, religion has “come back with a vengeance and we’d think twice about making it now.” The controversy surrounding the film is the subject of a new BBC4 program, “Holy Flying Circus.

• Experimental Jetset’s famed Beatles shirt gets yet another spinoff, for Occupy Wall Street, one of the many iterations of the Dutch design firm’s Helvetica-based design. The original, and its creators, will be featured in the Walker’s upcoming graphic design show, and the “John & Paul & Ringo & George”  shirt will be for sale in the Walker Shop.

The Art Newspaper: “A giant hermit crab destined to be the ‘star’ performer in Pierre Huyghe’s live ecosystem installation, Recollection, 2011, part of Frieze Projects (P6), has been stopped by US customs and transferred to an aquarium in New York after it was found to be inhabiting the shell of an endangered species.”

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