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Top 10 art crimes

Alas, the FBI’s list doesn’t include LACMA’s destruction of a mural by Barry McGee and the late Margaret Kilgallen in its soon-to-be-razed garage.

  • roberta says:

    I took my son’s 9 year old god-daughter to the museum in November. She had gone to art camp at LACMA and everywhere I took her, she gave me a “been there, done that.” I took her out to the Garage and we spent a half hour with Barry and Margaret’s art. She wasn’t the first person I escorted around the garage but she was the last person I walked around that garage with. We talked about how sad it was and how institutions don’t care but people can care. Hard to tell what she’ll remember, but I remember that day and I’m glad to see your post. Maybe not a Federal Offense but it sure makes you wonder what the museum’s values are and why the museum curators and trustees didn’t care enough to even comment publicly.

  • I find this very offensive. I mean, the woman put so much effort into this work of art, just like any other work of art she’s done, and all they do is leave the mural in the garage. I mean, the woman is gone, give her some credit! this work of art is simply DEVINE. But then again, some of the best art is where you least expect it!

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